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Transportation schedules and procedures will be different depending on the camp program you sign up for

(You can Print your corresponding Transportation Procedures at the bottom of this page)

“VSF TRANSPORTATION FORM” will be sent to you in April.  
It is with this form that you will confirm what your final plans are regarding transportation for your child.



  For all VSF Camps (Except Camps 4, 15 and 20): 

1/  CHILDREN FLYING UNACCOMPANIED requiring pick up by the VSF Team

Campers must arrive at the CDG airport in Paris 2 days prior to the beginning of their camp session Their return flight home must leave Paris the day after their return from camp.

Inbound Flights: 

Our Team is present at the Charles de Gaulle Airport to pick up campers on dates of arrivals from 8:00 am until 6:00 pm.  We ask parents to schedule flights to arrive or leave during these hours. > A 200 € fee will be charged for pick up outside of these hours.

Children flying unaccompanied TO PARIS stay 2 nights at our selected hotels where they are fully supervised by the VSF Team  (1st night at the airport, second night in Paris). 

Booking your flights:  Example If camp dates are July 9 – July 18th
> Flight to Paris must arrive July 7 (between 8:00 am and 6:00 pm)
> July 8 : Day of integration
> July 9 :  Departure to camp by TGV train / Arrival at camp in the afternoon
> Return Flights
must leave Paris on July 17 in the morning, after 10:00 am

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New in 2017  

2/  CHECK IN  DIRECTLY AT THE HOTEL IN PARIS  (1 day prior to departure).

- 12:00 pm to 2:30 pm: 1 day prior to departure, parents can bring their children to the hotel to meet the group and check in for departure. Our team will be there to welcome you! (Hotel near Gare de Lyon train station). Parents must stay with their children until 2:30 pm.

In the afternoon, from 3:00 pm to 4:30 pm: 

The tour follows a non-stop circuit departing from the hotel. During 3 hours, the children will be able to enjoy a panoramic view of the best monuments of Paris aboard an ecologically-friendly "green bus".  And to make this tour as fun and informative as possible, the commentaries will give them numerous details and anecdotes about the historical and beautiful capital of France. A unique experience!  For more details click here.

- 6:30 pm Pre- camp meeting and presentation of VSF Camps to the children before dinner.

This day of "integration" is very important.  After a long trip, children can rest and get to know the team, meet other VSF campers.  It is a good preparation prior to their departure to camp. 

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> Departure to camp the next morning for all our campers:

TRANSPORTATION TO THE CAMPS is by TGV train from Paris Gare de Lyon, departures are early in the morning (transport is supervised by the camp Staff).
 Arrival at camp in the afternoon, transfers to the camps are by private shuttles.


Parents also have the option to drop off their children directly at the camp location. 

Detailed directions to the camp and GPS coordinates will be sent to you in June.
Time of drop off: Between 10:00 am and 12:00 pm

Please note that the VSF Team will be in Paris.  If you choose to bring your child to the camp, a member of the (French) camp staff will welcome you and your family at the center. 


The Ibis Style hotels are ideally located at the CDG airport (Day 1), and in the center of Paris near the train station (Day 2).

They offer a warm atmosphere where design goes hand in hand with friendliness and simplicity. They provide a perfect, peaceful place for our campers to enjoy their stay in Paris.  All VSF Campers stay together on the same floor and are supervised by the VSF team (2 to 3 campers per room). Breakfast is included.

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 1/  PARENTS CAN PICK UP THEIR CHILDREN directly at the TRAIN STATIONTrains arrive in Paris Gare de Lyon station usually in the late afternoon or in the evening. 

2/  CHILDREN FLYING UNACCOMPANIED back home and requiring check in by the VSF Team:

Outbound Flights: 

The VSF Team welcomes campers at the train station. Once all the children have arrived they are transferred to the hotel at the Charles de Gaulle by private taxi

Children flying unaccompanied back home stay overnight with the VSF team at the hotel.
The next morning, after breakfast, campers will be transferred to the airport for check in.

We be available to assist campers with check in from 10:00 am until 5:00
We ask parents to schedule flights to depart from Paris during these hours. Please book your flights accordingly.  > A 200 € fee will be charged for check in outside of these hours.

3/  PICK UP by parents at THE CAMP LOCATION :

At the end of camp, parents can pick up their children directly at the camp location. 
Detailed directions and GPS coordinates will be sent to you in June.

Time of pick up: Between 2:00 pm and 4:00 pm (sometimes earlier)

Please note that the VSF Team is only present in Paris.  If you choose to bring your child to the camp it will be a member of the (French) camp staff who will be there to welcome you and your family at the center.

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 Click on the links below to view or print your camp's Transportation procedures:

  Transportation procedures for VSF Camp 4 & 15
Transportation procedures for VSF Camp 20
Transportation procedures for all other VSF Camps

  Questions about Transportation - Click Here (FAQ)   


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