VSF French Summer Camps 2018

Traditional Gastronomy, Cooking Workshops, Multi-Sports


AGE 6 - 12

Theme: "Séjour Découverte du Patrimoine Culinaire"
If you want to have fun while cooking this camp is for you! Come and join us for this unique cooking holiday in the gastronomy capital of France!

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1. COOKING WORKSHOP on Traditional Cuisine:
Here, children will travel back in time as they discover the culinary and pastoral heritage of the “Valley of Abundance”

  • Making butter:
    Using the cream from the milk of the cows of Abundance, our campers will discover the principle of “emulsification”. Making butter is remarkably easy and very satisfying!
  • Making and baking bread:
    Mix salt, water and flour, introduce the yeast and experiment with “fermentation” …
  • Cooking with dairy products:
    Learning how bacteria acts on the milk and transforms its texture to produce delicious cheese and yoghurts!
  • Making Jams:
    First pick some blueberries in the forest…then add natural additives (lemon juice, pips of apple) in the preparation of the jam and you will obtain jelly, syrup, or the semi liquid jam, so easy!

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  •  Gourmet recipes using the famous cheese of Abundance:
    The children will first collect from a 12 kg grindstone, this delicious cheese.  They will then prepare traditionnal dishes from the Valley of Abundance: the "Berthoud", the "Croûte Campagnarde" (rustic crust) or the famous Cheese Fondue, delicious!

  • Deval Kart: at the Rubis piste at Pré-la-Joux 20 karts are available for anyone wanting to try out this sport! Our campers will be able to come down the piste at their own speed and go back up again by hooking the kart to the ski tow.

  • The Rollerbe all terrain scooter is also on the same section of the mountain.The pleasure of driving down the mountain, discovering new sensations without any noise! 

  • Summer Bobsled Runs: set among the trees at Pré-la-Joux, this 650m track with 7 high speed bends is great fun for children of all ages.
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Other Activities 

- Accro-Branches: More than 100 adventure trails in the trees! Zip wires, monkey bridges and nets...Really fun!

- Initiation to Rock climbing with a professional instructor,

- Swimming pool sessions in Châtel: a large 25m pool, a medium sized pool for children and a small pool with water slide, there is also a large lawned area for relaxing.

- Shopping in Châtel and Thonon-les-Bains,
- Games & Team sports and of course Parties…!

Choice of Field Trips


  • Hiking trips and discovery of the mountain flora and collection of edible plants (wild thyme, St.-John's wort, alpine rumex…) with a local instructor,

  • Visit to a local farm « La ferme de Monsieur Mouthon »: venture to milk a cow and to participate in the manufacturing of the famous cheese of Abundance,
  • Visit to the Cultural Center of the Val d' Abondance: studying the cows of Abundance, the transhumance, and the various stages of the manufacturing of the cheese.

 > Activities will be scheduled according to the wishes of the children and the proposals of the teaching staff.


Lodging: "Le Chalet la Cascade" in Châtel, Haute-Savoie region - FRANCE (...to read more click here)

I am writing to thank you for all the personal attention you gave Mae this summer. She was quite young (9) to be jetting off alone to a foreign country but, since this was my third child participating in VSF, I was at ease knowing you and your staff would be there waiting for her. She considers the entire experience a grand adventure and speaks of it often.... watching the storms move in over the mountains from the chalet balcony, gliding through the trees on "accrobranche", camping out with new friends, and cooking, cooking, cooking...her favorite thing in the world to do! Two days after she arrived home, she was preparing a ganache for chocolate truffles, which she proudly served at a family birthday party (and which were delicious by the way) and she also made us a yogurt cake with mango sorbet. She learned so many things, in addition to improving her French (songs, camping skills, cooking, gardening, farming). All in all, it was a fantastic and life changing experience for her. Thank you!

 Michelle Shindell – Mother of Maé, 9 - USA


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